Every new season of Path of Exile is worth looking forward to, because developers are always able to bring you new surprises. It’s been a month since the update of Path of Exile: Blight, the newly added tower defense The mode brings a new look to the entire game mechanics, and players need to be exposed to the new NPC-Casister Cassia. Each season, Grinding Gear Games adds a dedicated NPC that helps players learn about the latest gameplay, Fighting together and improve the storyline of the entire game, thus making the story of the entire game more complete. Pay attention to POECurrency.com get the latest Path of Exile dynamics, Also provide you with POE Orbs.

Recently, in the forum on Path of Exile, Nick shared the process of how it made new NPC Casister Cassia. And NICK first explained the whole process of his creation of the new Templar, How to shape his style and personality. In general, designers will give priority to the background story of the character. When writing the script, they will be given some outstanding personality traits: the habit of over-interpretation, the singing of hymns and the strong contempt for piety. Although he decided Cassia's identity and professional characteristics very early, Nick broke her personality when writing the script of Cassia.

Through this article, we can observe the birth of a new game character and the development of the entire game character. These are rare in the game companies within the industry. This is very valuable, you can read this full post in the forum of Path of Exile to learn more about the game characters. POECurrency.com/ pushes this news for you, buy cheap POE Currency, looks for us.