As is always the case with cosmetic items in games, fortnite materials possibly the most precious thing on the planet or completely forgettable. Inspired by Epic's astronomical earnings, a lot trend towards the latter.

Acquiring the free skins is the exact same as it has been in the past: all you need to do is head over to the PlayStation store and retrieve them. So long as you have a Fortnite account attached into the account you used to retrieve the skins, then they'll show up in-game.

That is excellent news, because said skins are no longer restricted from being used on other consoles. The catch, of course, is that you have to be a PS+ subscriber, but a lot of you probably are anyhow.

The skin is pretty straightforward, though that's not a bad thing. It's called"Prodigy", and it's a sort of 80's movie interpretation of, that I do not know, someone who is good in mathematics. There is a female version also, which will probably appear at the best places to buy fortnite weapons shop soon enough. The insect chunky eyeglasses with all the dog tags still dangling underneath the bandanna are a wonderful touch.

You also receive the tabulator back bling, which I have not had a chance to play yet. But it seems to be similar to the A.I.M. back bling, which counts your own in-game eliminations, allowing you to put on your present score with pride into you're inevitably outbuilt and stomped to the ground. Epic is playing around with reactive skins and other makeup these days, and this is a rather easy feature that's fun to get in the game.

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